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Friday, 6 December 2013

25 Days of Christmas Day 6

Thrifty Christmas
Today I had to go down to the Police Headquarters. I got caught trying to beat a yellow light and it turned red. It was then that I saw him sitting on the side street and I was too far in the intersection to stop. He followed me without the lights on and followed me right to the dentist office.
He asked for my paperwork and I handed it over. Then he tells me that my insurance has expired.
I look at it and sure enough it says "August 2013". Ooops!!!
I told him I had it, it just wasn't where it should have been.
Fifteen minutes later he comes back and tells me I have three days to show my insurance or I go to court.
He didn't say anything else. So what about my ticket for going through the red light? Yeah, I asked that. "Just make sure you bring that downtown or you'll have to go to court".
I even asked a third time and he looked at me funny so I said, "Thank you Officer!"
Well I was 20 minutes late for the dentist and they were gracious to me as well.
Anyways, on the way home I stopped at a new Goodwill store. I found a few cute things. I figured I didn't have to pay for a ticket or tickets I could spend a few bucks if I saw anything.
A pair of silver candlesticks. I know where they are going to go and I'll show you tomorrow.
I couldn't resist this pretty sugar bowl. I have plans for this as well.
The design is so pretty!
I saw this plate for one dollar. Love it!
Just so lovely.
I did have plans for this until I broke it! Ahhhh!! I was going to put Epsom salts in it with a red or silver Christmas ball. There were two and I only bought one so I'm going back to get the other. Hopefully it's still there.
This was two dollars and I plan on painting it and making a Christmas sign out if it.
I bought a Star of Bethlehem flower. So pretty.

I bought this because it was fitting for the season. The Star of Bethlehem that showed the Wise men where the young Jesus was.

Blessings, Diane


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