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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Christmas Centrepiece

I quickly put this together.
Sometimes the best creations come about on a whim.
Most of all these items were thrifty finds.
The tray was a most recent find.
All I had to do was clean it up.
I wanted to put a candle in there but I wanted to jazz it up and add some colour.
I love the black, white, and red combination.
I found this candlestick holder, and I like the handle at the side.
It gives the old-fashioned look.
I put a white ironstone plate underneath to add some more texture and colour.
I wrapped a garland of red beads around and tossed some fake snow on top of everything.
The stars were also thrifty finds.
The only new purchases were the red ornaments and the greenery.
I love candles.
I love the light that shines from them.
Jesus is the Light of the world,
and He has called us to be lights as well.
I've been so busy lately due to some changes at work,
so I haven't had the energy to really get decorating for Christmas.
I'm not even putting up a tree this year as we are never home at Christmas anyway.
But I wanted to do a few things to decorate.
There are a couple of things that probably shouldn't be in this picture, but I didn't
have the energy or heart to move any of them.(Smile)
A simple Christmas centrepiece.
Blessings of the Season to you!
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