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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Never Too Cold to Thrift Shop!!

The last few days here in Southern Ontario have been blustery cold days!!!
I have always loved Winnie the Pooh.
This is the blustery without the cold and snow!
Last Friday I had to drive 45 minutes to visit a client. It was oh so cold and blustery!
I didn't take this picture, but this is what my drive looked like.
I had to hold tight onto the steering wheel with both hands!
I drive a small Ford Focus hatchback and she handled the pressures!
Lots of praying too!!!
I have two nursing jobs that I love.
 My main job is working for a family doctor four days a week. The other is a casual job that requires travel to the client's home for training.
 I always try to arrange the timing so I have some time to find shopping in the area where I'll be.
I only made two stops as opposed to the four stops I had planned due to the extreme ccccold!
Here are my thrify finds at the first shop.
I think I mentioned before that I love candles. I have them on all the time. I especially like white or light-coloured candles. I couldn't believe there were so many in one package.
 The napkins are from Amsterdam with various Dutch phrases related to good eating.
I'm going to use if for a project that I saw at Heaven's Walk.
Cookie Crunch scented candles...mmmm!
Taper candles...17 of them! Such a deal!
Yarn, I love yarn. I'm a sewer (not as much as I used to), so it always comes in handy.

Well that was my first stop.
Here's what I found at the second shop.
Everything in this shop was 50% off. I spent a total of $4.57.
There was something simple and unique about these finds that drew me to them.
I love the design on this bottle! It can be used at a candle holder or a vase.
I paid 12.5 cents for this little bottle/vase.
 I kept cutting the end of the stem bit by bit until it didn't touch the bottom of the jar to prevent the flower from bobbing around.
There's always another spot for a cute vase with a flower.
Love it!
Cute finds to warm the heart on a cold day!

This cute thing wasn't found in a shop, but I thought I would add her in cause she's so sweet.
Her name is Maddy.

Hope you're staying warm on these very cold days!

Blessings, Diane

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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Faithful Saying

Have you ever had one of those weeks???
This week was one for me.
(This is my second time doing this because somehow I deleted my whole post.
My son used my laptop at school and left the mouse there. Grrr. I need to use the mouse.)
earlier in the week I offended someone by what I said. (I'm pretty sure I did anyway.)
It wasn't intentional, but afterwards I realized that I probably did.
Then at work I made an assumption that caused confusion and misunderstanding.
I felt like a schmuk.
God specializes in helping schmuks! I am so grateful for His embracing arms when we need Him. I need Him every moment of everyday. I need His forgiveness and grace.
A little while back I purchased this little New Testament at Goodwill.
I just love how dark the pages are.
When I got home I thumbed through it and found this.
Someone had picked this. It would be interesting to know the story behind the person who owned this Bible.
Can you read the scripture the red finger is pointing to?
"This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief."
The apostle Paul wrote this. He had many Christians killed. Now I haven't killed anyone, but we can crush people with our words.
I felt like Paul did this week.
BUT Christ Jesus came into the world for you and for me!
I'm so grateful He came.
This New Testament is a Marked New Testament and has many verses highlighted in red like the scripture above.
This is the name of the person who owned this Bible at Christmas in 1907.
Maybe I'll meet her in heaven. That would be so cool!
Maybe you've had a bad week too. Even though we feel like hiding, it's the time to run to Jesus. He will wipe away your tears and comfort you and help you on your way again. You can go to Him with anything. He is a good Friend.
I was thinking of the words to the great hymn, "What a Friend we Have in Jesus" and was able to find the history of the person who wrote it.
If you have a few minutes you hear about it here.
If Jesus is not your Friend, He can be. Just ask Him.
You'll have no better friend.
Blessings, Diane

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Ironstone Platter Find

Wonderful Thrifty Finds to Start 2014!

I've been going through my "stuff" bit by bit and had a few bags to give away.
While I was out I made a few stops to "hunt" for whatever I might find.
I hit the jack pot in the first Goodwill shop.
I always start looking in the dishware section and move out from there.
There was a large oval cream platter with some red it that looked interesting, so I picked it up to get a better look.
Well good thing I did! There was another platter underneath it.
A beautiful ironstone platter covered with patina!
I could not believe it!.
Those of you who appreciate a good find know exactly how I felt when I saw this!
Especially when the price is $2.00.(TWO DOLLARS!) Yep. That's all folks!
Well, good pieces need new homes. I needed to redo the top of my buffet after taking the Christmas decorations down.
I just love the galvanized silver balls and couldn't put them away.
A little white rose sitting on Epsom Salts
These glass jars were a Christmas gift. They can be changed up to match the current season or whatever you fancy!
Since it's winter, I thought I would make it look like there snow and placed a silver ball in each one.
It looks pretty with the candles lit.
Another cute find was this little silver creamer. It was $1.00. Perfect to put a tea light in.
The creamer needed a new home as well, so I created a corner with silver.
Some faux purple flowers adds a nice touch of Spring.
I love the idea of a funnel or oil can for a candleholder.
 I'm always on the lookout for the slim tapers.
Candles always add warmth.
Mirrors always add more depth.
This is one part of the house redone. Now on to another. But that is for another post!
I found some ironstone bowls and a galvanized strainer which I will share later.
Have you been making changes after putting your Christmas décor away?
Blessings, Diane
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Monday, 6 January 2014

My Word for 2014

I have never liked making New Years Resolutions.
 They never worked and the only thing that resulted from them was guilt.
I deal with that ugly word enough on my own without having to create more of it for myself.
Lately I have been reading about having a "word" for the year ahead rather than making a resolution.
That makes so much sense to me.
So I prayed about a word.
Now if there is one word that I would describe myself and friends who know me is that I am steady.
I am not easily swayed by things that blow in the wind.
But as I was thinking about being steadfast, I have areas in my life that are steady, but there are other areas that require more steadfastness.
Areas that shouldn't be easily shaken but are a little shaky at the moment.
It's always nice when you get confirmation about what you feel God is telling you.
I receive notifications from The Elijah List.
Today there was a message from Jennifer LeClaire about "the righteous will never be shaken". You can read the message here.
Talk about confirmation. It always makes my heart smile.
We all have areas in our lives that need to tweaked here and there.
 Change comes one tweak at a time.
But when it does, you become like Psalm 112:7-8

Sometimes, when we keep things simple for ourselves change will automatically happen for us.
What's your word for 2014?
The above pictures are from the ice storm taken on Dec 26 in Southern Ontario.
Blessings, Diane