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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Ironstone Find at the Thrift Store

This past Wednesday, I had to drive to a town 45 minutes away after work to do patient training.
I always try to utilize that drive to do some thrift shopping.
I was hoping to do this visit on my day off so I could visit more shops,
but it didn't work out.
That left me with one thrift store that closes later.
I found an old ironstone gravy boat and a set of five white ironstone plates.
Isn't it cute?
I love the old patina.
According to the signature, this was made in the late 1800's to very early 1900's.
The handle is unique; it looks like a daisy.
I have lots of white ironstone dishes.
Different designs and names.
I was debating for awhile if I should even buy them.
But I love the soft waves on the outside of the plate.
I just couldn't help myself.
I also bought two pillowcases.
This one has a beautiful lace border in an off white colour.
I always look in that section because there are so many things you can do with them.
(That's for another post)
This pillowcase has an eyelet trim.
I have always loved eyelet.
So pretty.
All in all, I had a very productive evening!
This gravy boat I found while visiting my folks a few months ago.
I couldn't believe I saw the gravy boat and the dish.
You must know that feeling you get when you think you've found something wonderful.
You lift it up and look at the back.
And sure enough, there are those words you were hoping to see.
That's how I felt this past Wednesday when I saw the brown ironstone.
I wasn't planning on starting a gravy boat collection.
I really don't have the space.
But how do you pass it up?
Only if you can get rid of some of your other stuff.
That's what I did today.
I dropped lots of stuff off at the mission store.
Then I parked the car and walked in and shopped.
This is what I bought today.
Two lampshades and two plate holders.
Brand new too!
I thought maybe they belonged together.
Not sure if this is where they are staying.
But it works for now.
They add a nice touch to this corner of the room.
Have you found any treasures recently?

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Saturday, 18 April 2015

How to Create your own Black and White Print

I have a thing for cows.
I didn't grow up on a farm,
 but I spent a lot of time at my cousin's farm and they had Holstein cattle.
There's a lot of memories here.
Haying in the summer.
Swimming in the lake after haying.
Playing hide and seek in the hay mow.
Feeding the calves.
The barn is run down.
It hasn't been used in many years.
Very sad to see.
This is the far side of the barn where the cows would come and go.
The barnyard.
This was the entrance to the upper part of the barn.
There was a thick rope hanging from a beam that we would swing on.
To the far left is where the milk house was.
I would often help clean the milkers and the tank.
So now you know why seeing a Holstein cow always brings me back to another time and place.
I got this print from Educational Technology Clearinghouse.
They have thousands of free clipart.
On the left side of the website click on Clip Media and then click on ClipArt Etc.
The cow print is found under Mammals and then under mammals starting with the letter "C".
Double click on the picture and you can download the size of picture you want.
Once you have your picture saved, double click on the picture and it will take you to the above.
When you click, "print", it will ask you for the size of picture you want.
  I chose this size because the full page photo was too big for what I needed.
I have a PC and use Windows 7.
Make sure you click on the checkmark in the box so that the picture will fit to frame.
I first printed it on white paper, but I found it too white for my frame.
{Plus I messed up the paper a bit trying to fix it here and there}
I printed it on a beige coloured paper called Passport Granite from Staples.
I wouldn't call it cardstock but it is better quality than regular printer paper.
You'll need to cut the print the same size as the opening of the back of your frame,
as well as a piece of thick cardboard. (I cut mine from a box)
Apply the Mod Podge to the bottom lower half of the cardboard first.
(It dries quickly)
I applied it in thirds.
Try to keep the picture as smooth as you can.
Once the picture is pasted to the cardboard, apply another coat to the top of the picture.
I had no issues with the ink running.
This frame was on clearance because there was no glass on it.
I loved the rustic look it had and the colour.
This is the back of  the frame.
I put my messed up white copy on cardboard behind the good copy.
It made it nice and snug.
I liked that the picture could stand on its own.
I didn't need a glass for this frame because there is a sheen from the Mod Podge.
There is a couple of little wrinkles but I think it adds to the look.
A little touch of the farm.
I have plans to paint this table,
but in the meantime it looks OK here.
 Visible, but not overly.

 My son wanted to know why I wanted a picture of a cow.
So I shared with him the memories of spending time at the farm.
 I downloaded some sheep.
I have plans to frame one and add a scripture verse to it.
But that's for another day.
Like I said earlier, this brings back lots of happy childhood memories.
Do you have something in your home that reminds you of something from your childhood?
No childhood is perfect,
but there is always something that when we look back on,
we can find a fond memory.
There is always a ray of light in the darkness.
Jesus said, "I am the Light of the world".
Ask God to remind you of a happy childhood memory that you may have forgot about.
I pray that you have a blessed day today.
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Monday, 13 April 2015

Using Vintage Graters in a Vignette

I've been admiring so many beautiful Spring and Easter creations,
 and I was planning to create a meaningful Easter vignette in my entranceway...
and then I got sick.
I had the most awful sinus infection.
I was down for the count.
We didn't even visit family for Easter.
My husband was recovering from his bout with bronchitis.
It was just nasty.

But I'm all better now!
 I've been rearranging all weekend, so I'll have more pictures to share soon.
I bought some flowers. Three different stems to create a simple wildflower look.
Very inexpensive.
That was the first piece.
I don't know about you, but I can spend a very long time deciding on a vignette.
I mean, a loooooong time!
This is one of my weaknesses.
I came across these rusty graters when I was looking for something else.
I like the look with the tea lights shining through.
When I saw this idea, I kept my eyes open for three different old graters.
Rusty graters sitting in a rustic wooden tray.
In keeping with Spring, I added this white bird that I just bought.
It was going to be a part of a vignette in my entrance way.
Beauty and Light
I've had the little church for quite awhile.
Back from my country days.
It's been everywhere! I don't think I'll ever get rid of it.
I have scented tea lights lit here, but you could use the battery operated tea lights.
It adds a cozy warm look to the kitchen.
Cozy always makes my heart smile.
A nice mix of different materials.
Glass, tin, ceramic, wood, and a white lace doily.
Here's a mix of the feline kind.
They make me smile too.
Have a blessed week!

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