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My Parlor Room

 The Parlor Room...aka the Living Room

I saw these curtains on another blog and loved the look.
I found them at our local fabric shop. (Fabricland)
In the corner I put together a self made corner cupboard.
I just found  a vintage corner cabinet that is in dire need of TLC.
I'm looking forward to finishing it and filling it with ironstone.
Love slipcovers! Especially when we have three cats! 
Sometimes I need a slipcover for the slipcover!
My mother in law gave me this antique sewing table when she recently moved.
The sewing machine sitting on it was a purchase from a shop that was going out of business 
Love the detail on the front of the cabinet.
I made my own Shaker style shelf with square head nails.
I love to hunt for vintage aprons and night gowns.
Sorry for the glare here.
I used Mod Podge to apply old hymn pages to lessen the amount of black.
This dresser was given to us many years ago.
I think it will be a paint project when the new vintage cupboard is done.
The picture in this frame is not a family member.
I thought it was so pretty, I left the picture in.

This table is in the midst of being painted.
To see my post on how I made the cow print click here.

I come from Dutch heritage. Both my parents emigrated from the Netherlands.
This milk bottle/vase was a recent thrift shop purchase.
I couldn't let it go.

This side table was painted with homemade chalk paint and waxed.
This is one of many projects I've done.
Will post on this soon.

This corner gets changed up all the time.
Right now, this is how it looks.
Most of these items were thrift store or antique store finds.

This is our TV cabinet.
I often change up the vignettes on the cabinet as well.
To see my post on creating a vintage vignette, click here.
Here you can see how close the living room and kitchen is.
It is all one space.
(This is an older picture. The rocking chair isn't there anymore.)

Love old jugs.
The old ironing board I got for a good deal at the same shop as the sewing machine.

This antique buffet I purchased from a former co-worker many years ago.
So glad I bought it.

 This spot changes a lot too, but right now I have a little display
 of a few belongings of my paternal grandmother that was given to me.
It was an answer to prayer.
 I got a small tin box with some of her silver spoons.
 My baking and cooking corner. Everything handy.
Forgot to take the stuff off the fridge to make it picture perfect. Oh well! 
I made this tablecloth from a curtain panel purchased at the local thrift shop.
 I cut it based on the size of the table and then added a cute cotton ruffle to each end.
This is the centre piece on my kitchen table now.
This is our living space.
It's not large but it's cozy.
Thank you for your visit.


  1. Thanks for sharing pictures of your home! It looks so comfortable and welcoming! And don't worry about not taking the stuff off the fridge...I loved seeing the yellow ribbon for our troops! Our son is a veteran, so I loved to see that!

    Blessings, Joan

  2. Nicely done Diane! Love the antiques!

  3. I truly enjoyed seeing all your special touches to make your home so special. I like so many of the items you have displayed, and have some of the same in my collections. Happy to have come across your blog!


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