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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Paint, Lace, and Old Hymn Pages

...is what I used for this...
I kinda like how it turned out.
I knew I wanted to Mod Podge something on the top of the table,
I just wasn't sure what.
I decided on using some hymn pages from an old hymnal.
A few years ago, an antique store had a clearance section of old books.
I snatched up quite a few hymn books for projects.
I pulled out pages with titles that ministered to me.
I arranged them first and then put a small piece of frog tape on so they would stay together.
(You could also use sticky tack underneath, I just didn't have any)
I thought there would be less of a chance of the paper ripping
when I took the tape off if I used the Frog Tape.
I made a crease all around the table except for the straight edge.
Then I carefully flipped the whole thing together and cut along the inside of the creased line,
and then put it back on top of the table.
I applied Mod Podge on the table a bit at a time starting at one end,
and immediately putting the sheets on.
(It was hard to take pictures doing this part)
Then I very carefully took the tape off and applied Mod Podge several times to the entire top.
A small amount of the ink came off when the tape came off but it actually adds to the vintage look.
There were a couple of air pockets but they eventually worked themselves out.
(That's why you have to do a bit at a time! It dries pretty quick.)
Give it a few coats to glue it and seal it.
Beautiful titles to some old hymns.
I painted the piece of the table where the lace is black, but it just didn't look right.
Then I thought about gluing some flat lace on top.
I have to say it adds a nice vintage touch.
Paint, Lace, and Old Hymn Pages
The table is sealed with clear wax with touches of dark wax for the distressed look.
I made my own chalk paint from Lowe's Olympic ICON,
and the colour of the paint is Brandied Pears.
If you're looking how to make your own chalk paint,
check the video below.
The recipe I use is: 3 tablespoons plaster of paris mixed with two tablespoons of warm water.
Stir the mixture well into one cup of latex paint of your colour choosing.
Before and After
I'm working on a little vignette for the table.
But that's for another post.
Have a great day!
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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Who Can Compare?

Press Play!

I've been listening to this song all week,
 singing it out loud,
and in my head.
So I thought maybe you'd like to do the same.
It's a beautiful song.
There is no one like our God!
And the heavens will praise Your wonders, O Lord;
Your faithfulness also in the assembly of the saints.
 For who in the heavens can be compared to the Lord?
Who among the sons of the mighty can be likened to the Lord?
Psalm 89:5-6
There is nothing that you are going through that God can't deliver you out of.
Be of good cheer my friend,
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Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Anne Frank Exhibit

On my previous post, I shared about my DH and I celebrating our 21st Anniversary
by going on a few little Daytripping excursions.
The main thing we wanted to do was to see a theatre play in Stratford (Ontario).
We ended up seeing a play called She Stoops To Conquer.
A delightful comedy.
While I was checking out the plays, I noticed one about Anne Frank.
When I looked into it more, I discovered that a nearby museum was hosting
an Anne Frank exhibit to coincide with the show.
This is the part of the museum where the exhibit was.
It looks like they added on twice.
This was on our July 1st holiday.
It was an overcast day and was not very busy.
At the far left end of this building there was a  half hour video about Anne Frank.
We watched that first.
There were a lot of local farming and industrial antiques in this section as well.
Different styles of antique and vintage baby shoes.
I always liked the white baby shoes.
I have two different pairs that I found at vintage shops.
 Household utensils.
 Now here is a farmhouse kitchen.
I had to smile at this.
While I have a special love for antique and vintage,
I also have a deep appreciation for stoves, refrigerators, freezers, and microwaves!
 I wanted to check the label underneath but didn't dare touch it.
Isn't this just lovely?!
Anne Frank was born June 12, 1929 in Germany
but moved to Amsterdam at the age of two.
My father was born October 17, 1929 near Minnertsga, Friesland, Netherlands.
(About 1 1/2 hours apart)
They shared so many similarities and yet so many differences.
After I graduated high school, I went for a visit with my cousins to Holland.
We visited the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam.
It was a very sobering visit.
Those that were hiding were betrayed.
Only Otto Frank (father) survived the Holocaust.
If you are interested in knowing more, click here.

 We had our own personal tour guide for the exhibit.
She shared with us that the woman who helped those in hiding almost lost her life after the betrayal.
The German officer who came into the shop to pick up the Frank family had an Austrian accent.
Miep Gies was born in Vienna, Austria but moved to the Netherlands at a very young age.
She used this to her advantage and it worked.
You can hear her share this here.
Because she was spared, the world has been touched by the story of Anne Frank.
The Germans would have taken everything.
When I heard this, I thought about how in the midst of darkness,
 God was faithful to preserve this little girl's diary,
and spared the life of this loyal woman who helped these precious Jewish people.

Holland just celebrated the 70th anniversary of their liberation.
I shared a post about that.
You can read it here. 
 I pray that a war like that never happens again.
That people will be accepting,
and see the beauty in each other.
That would be nice,
but I know the reality out there.
We need to pray for our leaders.
 I thought this was kind of fitting.
I'm of Dutch descent
and Anne Frank was a Dutch citizen.
"A Touch of Dutch"
We had a lovely day together.
It was nice to see the show after the exhibit.
After the show, we had a delicious dinner in Woodstock ON,
and then on to visit my folks for a couple of nights.
I will leave you with this,
Peace and joy to you!
Have an awesome day
and live your life to the fullest.
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Monday, 13 July 2015

"Your Love is Like a Waterfall"

I'm starting with this video of Chris Tomlin so that you can listen to it
while you look through the pictures.
Since they're about waterfalls.
Last weekend, DH and I celebrated our 21st anniversary by doing some Daytripping Adventures.
These pictures are from our second day
Have you ever grew up or lived somewhere for a long time
and completely missed some of the most beautiful scenery that was so nearby?
 Well I did.
I'll show you on a map.
1. Is where I live now. Windsor, Ontario
(don't know why it's not on there, it's bigger than the towns they have there)
2. Is where I was born and grew up and lived until I moved to Windsor
(Guelph is so central to a lot of beautiful little places)
3. Hamilton, Dundas, Ancaster are on the Niagara Escarpment so there are many waterfalls.
How I missed this I'll never know.
 Now this waterfall is not one of them.
It is part of the mill which is where I thought the start of the trail was.
I was wrong, but I took pictures and we enjoyed the area.
This is a popular place for weddings. 
They have banquet rooms here and a dining room. 
There was a wedding the day we were strolling the area. 
Trying to find a trail.
So beautiful. 
 We managed to find the trail.
Had to get back in the car though.
Good thing my DH can figure out a map better than I can.
This wasn't a long walk to get to.
There's something that happens to my soul 
as I approach a waterfall.
I love the sight and sound and smell of the whole experience.
It doesn't compare to Niagara Falls,
but they are beautiful none the less.
 Now that I know Chris Tomlin's song, it comes to my mind and I sing it in my head.
(I'm kind that way)
 The words that Chris Tomlin used to write the song was from Psalm 42.
There is the DH.
The Mrs. 
It was like being in another world.
The trees overhead and all around.
Everything else seemed so far away. 
It was nice to read up on the history of the Mills around the area.
Most of them are not being used for their original purpose anymore.
There was a bikini girl having her pictures taken at the base of the falls.
So glad for the crop feature.
We've been married for 21 years.
It's been a journey.
A journey well worth the twists and turns and having to turn around to go in another direction.
To get to the place of pure enjoyment and a sense of awe at the goodness of God.
I hope you enjoyed this little trip.
I have more to show later.
Blessings to you!

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