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Monday, 13 July 2015

"Your Love is Like a Waterfall"

I'm starting with this video of Chris Tomlin so that you can listen to it
while you look through the pictures.
Since they're about waterfalls.
Last weekend, DH and I celebrated our 21st anniversary by doing some Daytripping Adventures.
These pictures are from our second day
Have you ever grew up or lived somewhere for a long time
and completely missed some of the most beautiful scenery that was so nearby?
 Well I did.
I'll show you on a map.
1. Is where I live now. Windsor, Ontario
(don't know why it's not on there, it's bigger than the towns they have there)
2. Is where I was born and grew up and lived until I moved to Windsor
(Guelph is so central to a lot of beautiful little places)
3. Hamilton, Dundas, Ancaster are on the Niagara Escarpment so there are many waterfalls.
How I missed this I'll never know.
 Now this waterfall is not one of them.
It is part of the mill which is where I thought the start of the trail was.
I was wrong, but I took pictures and we enjoyed the area.
This is a popular place for weddings. 
They have banquet rooms here and a dining room. 
There was a wedding the day we were strolling the area. 
Trying to find a trail.
So beautiful. 
 We managed to find the trail.
Had to get back in the car though.
Good thing my DH can figure out a map better than I can.
This wasn't a long walk to get to.
There's something that happens to my soul 
as I approach a waterfall.
I love the sight and sound and smell of the whole experience.
It doesn't compare to Niagara Falls,
but they are beautiful none the less.
 Now that I know Chris Tomlin's song, it comes to my mind and I sing it in my head.
(I'm kind that way)
 The words that Chris Tomlin used to write the song was from Psalm 42.
There is the DH.
The Mrs. 
It was like being in another world.
The trees overhead and all around.
Everything else seemed so far away. 
It was nice to read up on the history of the Mills around the area.
Most of them are not being used for their original purpose anymore.
There was a bikini girl having her pictures taken at the base of the falls.
So glad for the crop feature.
We've been married for 21 years.
It's been a journey.
A journey well worth the twists and turns and having to turn around to go in another direction.
To get to the place of pure enjoyment and a sense of awe at the goodness of God.
I hope you enjoyed this little trip.
I have more to show later.
Blessings to you!

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  1. Such beautiful scenery! I love waterfalls too. It puts off a lot of mist and makes everything much cooler this time of year. That looked like a great place to get married (as you said).

  2. Awe in the goodness of God. Isn't that where we should always find ourselves? Oftentimes I think, "How can stand how good he is to me!"

  3. Happy Anniversary! Such a pretty place to celebrate your special day together! I enjoyed coming along with you. xo Karen

  4. Happy Anniversary, looks like it was a wonderful day, such a beautiful area. We took our daughter to a story time park near London, wow that was like 22 years ago and I can't remember the name of it, she had a wonderful time, we drove over from Port Huron Michigan

    1. It's called Storybook Gardens. It's still there. We used to go when I was young and that was many moons ago! Thank you!

  5. Happy Anniversary to you! I enjoyed reading your post while listening to the song. Just beautiful! I agree with you - there's something about waterfalls that's magical. A couple of summers ago we rented a house for a week that had the most amazing waterfall in the backyard. It was amazing! I wrote a post about it, if you're interested called "We Rented a Waterfall." Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, Diane! Glad I have now found yours!

  6. Happy Anniversary, Diane. What a gorgeous place for celebrating and the song was a nice touch :-)

  7. Happy Anniversary Diane! What beautiful scenery and those waterfalls are stunning. It is crazy how you live somewhere forever and you've only seen bits and pieces of the state. Its been the same for me as well. Good thing we have many more years to be able to view every part of the state. Lol! I hope you have a wonderful week. Blessings, Amy

  8. Hello dearest Diane...oh, what a beautiful place you visited and that waterfall is so amazing...there is something incredibly majestic and awe-inspiring in a waterfall, and I truly know what you mean about the sight, sound and smell of a waterfall that stirs something within the heart...our God is so great and powerful and nothing can compare to Him!
    And let me wish you and your husband a very happy and blessed 21st anniversary...what a special way of celebrating this wonderful occasion...it looks like you both enjoyed it and will remember it for many years to come!
    Oh, and I just love Chris Tomlin's Love Ran Red album, Your Love is Like a Waterfall probably being my favourite! Just perfect for this post, dear Diane!
    Hugs and love,


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