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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Thrifty Patio Chair Covers

I have four patio chairs, the tops of which are getting a bit rusty. I'm sure I could try to scrub the rust off, but to be very honest I really dislike scrubbing. So I came up with the idea of using vintage pillow cases to use as covers.
  I used a large piece of newsprint and laid it on top of the chair and pressed the edges to use as a pattern piece. Then used a pencil and sketched a line around the folded edge and then cut along the traced edges.
I lined the bottom of the pattern piece along the bottom of the pillow case. The only sewing I had to do was the top of the pillow case.
I bought some vintage pillow cases with plans to use them as doll dresses but of course that never happened. Two of them I had coffee-stained to look old.
It took less than an hour to make them. They fit perfectly!
I have chair pads but they don't reach to the top of the chair. At night the covers pull off easily.
This can be done for covers of kitchen chairs as well. There are always lots of vintage pillow cases at the thrift shops.
With the leftover pieces of pillow cases I used to make little pillows. I am in the process of finishing them and will post pictures when they're finished. I've been fighting a sinus cold all week and feel a bit yucky.
 Blessings, Diane