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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Divine Designs

One of the many things I love to do is design cozy spaces in my home. This is always a long process for me because I`m always changing pieces around until it just `speaks to me`.   I have a box with all the things that were left over. They have yet to find another home.  I took a lot of different pictures so you can see what I've done.(I`ve been using the website picmonkey.com to touch up my pictures. It`s a great site to go to.) I think that God does that with us if we`ll let Him (rearrange and change). Some things need to be rearranged so that we can be a bigger blessing, and some things need to be discarded because they are not a benefit to us any longer. My prayer is always that I would be a vessel of God`s peace and I hope that my home reflects that as well. I hope you enjoy some `peaces`of my home.
This Bible is my father`s that he received while in the army in Holland. I love it because it`s old and because it is my father`s.

The white jug and flowers were a great find at the local thrift store. The doll was made be Marlene of Village Primitives.

This display is above our TV cabinet
The silver Christmas balls were so pretty I left them out.
This shelf was a cupboard I purchased at Habitat for Humanity for $5.00. It was white had a door on it. My husband took the door off for me and I painted it black. It really makes the white dishes stand out.
More pictures to come.
Peace to you, Diane


Sunday, 13 January 2013

"That's a Nigerian thing to do"

We hear a lot about "Random acts of Kindness", and if you look for opportunities there are lots to be had. Today after church it was wet outside and a very light rain was falling. A young lady was walking on the side of the church driveway in her heels (getting stuck in the mud) and nice clothes. I immediately suggested to Doug that we stop and offer her a ride. She gratefully accepted. We were going to let her off at the bus stop, but who knows how long she would have to wait for her bus. She goes to the University of Windsor and it takes two buses for her to get to her residence. It would take her an hour to get home, so we drove her to her residence. This was her third time at our church. She's from Nigeria and has no family in town. As she was getting out of the car, I called her name and gave her a twenty dollar bill. She smiled and said "Thank you", and then she said "That's a very Nigerian thing to do." And then she left.  I turned to Doug and said, "That was so cool! I had no idea, but God did!" That was a good thing!
Blessings, Diane

Monday, 7 January 2013

Gingerbread Barn

Decorated farm animals
The barn is up and working on the barnyard.
Our marshmello silo!
I know Christmas is over, but I wanted to share the wonderful barn and barnyard that we created after Christmas as a fun thing to do. By we, I mean, myself, my sister, my sister-in-law, and my cousins that I grew up with. Last year we decorated cookies and had so much fun, so we decided to make this an annual event. Here are some pictures of our country creation.
The pond.
That's our manure pile at the back.
 We even added a couple of John Deere tractors.
We called our barn the "Cuz" barn.
The entrance to the barn.
The creators of the Cuz barn and barnyard!
Next year we plan on making a gingerbread windmill (since we're Dutch!) I've already been looking online for some good examples!
Blessings, Diane                                              

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A Good Start to 2013!

I wanted to start off this new "blog year" with a scripture. It's a common scripture to a lot of us. We used to sing this song back in the day. It actually brings back sweet memories of a time as a child when I was learning more about God and getting close to Him. It really was a whole new adventure for me! What I really want is for this adventure to continue in this year. That's why I thought it appropriate to start with this verse. The "day" can refer to today (24 hrs) or this year as a period of time. I have become lax in my walk with God. It doesn't matter what the reasons are, all I know is, that needs to change.  So I am choosing to rejoice and be glad in this year set before me. I am actually excited! I pray that you choose to make the changes that you need to in your life. Rejoice in the day that God has given to you and be very glad in it!!
Blessings, Diane