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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A Good Start to 2013!

I wanted to start off this new "blog year" with a scripture. It's a common scripture to a lot of us. We used to sing this song back in the day. It actually brings back sweet memories of a time as a child when I was learning more about God and getting close to Him. It really was a whole new adventure for me! What I really want is for this adventure to continue in this year. That's why I thought it appropriate to start with this verse. The "day" can refer to today (24 hrs) or this year as a period of time. I have become lax in my walk with God. It doesn't matter what the reasons are, all I know is, that needs to change.  So I am choosing to rejoice and be glad in this year set before me. I am actually excited! I pray that you choose to make the changes that you need to in your life. Rejoice in the day that God has given to you and be very glad in it!!
Blessings, Diane

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