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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Talk on Tuesday

Amazing Grace
Tonight I shared about the author of the famous hymn "Amazing Grace"...John Newton.
We hear this song sung or played at so many functions but a lot of people are not aware of its history.
John Newton was born in 1725 in London, England.
His father was a shipmaster.
His mother died just before John's 7th birthday.
His father remarried two years later.
John spent two years in a boarding school and then at age 11 went to sea with his father.
In 1743 Newton was forced into the service of the Royal Navy.
He tried to defect and was punished in front of a crew of 350.
Newton was stripped to the waist and tied to the railing and received
a flogging of eight dozen lashes and reduced in rank to seaman.
Disgraced and humiliated Newton contemplated murdering the captain
and then throwing himself overboard.
Later while on route to India, he transferred to a slave ship bound for West Africa.
The ship carried goods to Africa and traded them for slaves to be shipped
to England and other countries.
Newton caused problems on this ship as well,
 so he was left in West Africa with
a slave dealer where he was subjected to mistreatment and abuse.
He was rescued, and on the way home a severe thunderstorm overtook the ship he was in.
As the ship was filling up with water quickly, John cried out to God to spare his life.
This began his conversion to Christianity, however Newton continued to work in the slave trade.
"I cannot consider myself to have been a believer in the full sense of the word,
 until a considerable time afterward."
John Newton continued in slave trading until 1754 when he suffered a stroke.
Newton studied and became a priest in June 1764.
He was known for his pastoral care.
William Wilberforce sought his advice about leaving politics.
Newton encouraged him to stay in Parliament and "serve God where he was".
(Free card from Little Birdie Blessings.)
This was the front of the postcard I gave the ladies.
In 1788, thirty four years after retiring from the slave trade, Newton broke
his silence by writing a pamphlet called, "Thoughts Upon the Slave Trade"
John Newton lived to see the passage of passage of the Slave Trade Act in 1807.
He died seven months later.
Amazing Grace was written in this vicarage and was published in 1779.
It is the most famous of all the hymns.
(This is the back of the postcard)
Here is a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace by Celtic Woman.
There is a movie called Amazing Grace. Here is the trailer for it.
An excellent movie by the way.
Aren't you grateful for God's grace in your life?
I know I am.
None of us deserved God's grace.
We have all done things that we are ashamed of.
It doesn't matter what our background is or what our experiences in life have been.
We all need God's grace.
So be encouraged today.
It is God's grace extended to you that saves you, keeps you, and uses you for His glory.
Such an amazing grace!
How sweet the sound.
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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Tour of a Vintage Shop

Tango and Magpie
These pictures were taken last year.
I am going there again tomorrow with a friend.
Enjoy the tour.



This shop is right next door.
Thought you might like some bonus shopping!

I hope you enjoyed shopping in the comfort of your home.
And you didn't spend a dime!
I always have to go around at least twice in these shops.
I always miss things the first time around.
Sometimes I go around three times!
Have a wonderful weekend.
I know I will!
I'll be shopping!!
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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Talk on Tuesday

Psalm 23
Tonight's talk with the ladies was Psalm 23.
If you have been in church for any length of time, you probably have this memorized.
There is so much in this psalm.
Mostly, we get a sense of comfort when reading it.
There's a saying that says, "It takes one to know one".
David grew up tending the sheep.
He had the heart of a shepherd.
Jesus is our Shepherd.
David knew the heart of God was to protect him, to keep him, and to lead him in the right way.
He knew that because he looked after sheep too.
In 1Samuel 17:34-36:  David told Saul
 “Your servant used to keep his father’s sheep, and when a lion or a bear came
 and took a lamb out of the flock, 35 I went out after it and struck it,
 and delivered the lamb from its mouth;
 and when it arose against me, I caught it by its beard, and struck and killed it. 
 36 Your servant has killed both lion and bear; and this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them, seeing he has defied the armies of the living God.”
David met the lion and the bear with full tenacity.
Wouldn't you love someone like that in your corner of the ring?
Well you do!
David said, "The Lord is MY Shepherd,"
Yes, He is your shepherd!!!
Jesus dealt with the enemy for us by dying on the cross and resurrecting three days later.
You can trust Jesus. He's got your back.
This is the front of the postcard I gave the ladies.
I took this photograph at the Elora Gorge near where I grew up.
"I will fear no evil".
There is lots of evil around, so those are powerful words, but for the person who
knows Jesus as their Shepherd there is a tenacity to that statement.
This the back of the postcard.
Psalm 61:1 says, "O God You are My God"
God is personal to David.
Let this sink in.
He is Your God.
Thomas got this revelation after seeing Jesus during the resurrection.
"My Lord, and My God" (John 20:26-28)
Whatever you are facing right now, trust your Shepherd.
He loves you.
He is your God.
He will carry you.

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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Hearty Beef Stew

Well the cold weather has arrived. (Sad face)
I finally put away my summer clothes and dug out the warm woollies.
Some stuff went in a bag for donation.
Do you ever hang up something you think you might wear and never end up wearing it?
Well, if three years later you are still hanging up and packing up the same thing, it's time to put it away and let someone else hang it up.
That is how I spent my Saturday afternoon.
Today I did some cooking and baking.
It was a homemade kinda day.
Today we had Beef Stew for supper.
It was cooked in the crockpot.
I love using my crockpot!
I tried something different and it worked!
I know there are a lot of recipes out there for all kinds of stew so I thought I'd add to the pile!
So here is what I made today and I got thumbs up from my men.
I looked at a few recipes in books and online and finally went back to an old favourite.
We got a crock pot for a wedding gift and it came with a small recipe booklet.
One of the recipes I tried was the Beef Stew and I really liked it.
So I used this recipe again with a couple of changes.
Fry up cubed stewing beef and add some salt, pepper, and seasoning.
This is a step I never did before.
I always put everything in the crock pot and let it do the work.
I didn't cook it all the way through, just got it hot and browned.
I transferred it all to the crockpot.
Then added 1/2 cup of flour for thickening.
It stirred in quite nicely.
I added a small tin of tomato paste (not part of the original recipe) and 2 cups of beef broth.
Four carrots
Three to four potatoes diced (the picture does not show it all), plus an onion and a stalk of celery.
Here is the complete recipe:
2 pounds beef stew meat cut in one inch cubes
1/2 cup flour
Salt and pepper to taste
2 cups beef broth
1 small can of tomato paste
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1 clove garlic minced
1 bay leaf
1 teaspoon paprika
4 carrots chopped
3-4 potatoes diced
1 onion chopped
1 stalk celery diced
1 cup frozen peas 
1 cup frozen corn
Mix well and put on high for 4-6 hours or on low for 10-12 hours.
I add the frozen peas and corn approximately one hour prior to serving.
Serve with warm homemade bread!
You can print the recipe here.
It tastes as good as it looks!
Delicious with a slice of homemade bread (from the bread maker!)
The tomato paste didn't take away from the beef but added to it.
My guys loved it.
Hope you do too!
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