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Sunday, 17 August 2014

God's love never ends!

Don't you just love this scripture!!
The author includes the adjective "steadfast".
The verse would have been wonderful without that word.
Not only is His love never ending, it never wavers at any time!
How unlike us a lot of the time.
Our love wavers and it doesn't always last for the long haul.
God help us to be more like you!

I had a birthday this past week.
My husband got me a bouquet of flowers.
I recently shared a post about how beautiful daisies looked in this vintage pot.
But truthfully, any flower would look beautiful in it!

I always think of my Creator when I see flowers.
So much variety and so beautiful!
Unfortunately they fade away and have to be thrown out...like my daisies.
But God's Word stands forever!

Do you need God's love today?
Do you need His mercy right now?
It's there for you, cause God's love and His mercy never end.
Have a wonderful Sunday!


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

'Tis so Sweet to trust in Jesus

On Tuesday evenings I volunteer at the Windsor Life Centre.
I always do devotions with the ladies
 and I create a postcard about what I talked about for them to keep.
Tonight I shared the hymn written by Louisa M. R. Stead
She was born in England in 1850 and travelled to America to be a missionary in 1871.
She eventually married and they had a daughter named Lily.
One day they were enjoying a lovely picnic together when they heard cries for help.
Louisa's husband rushed to help a boy who was drowning and as often happens the rescuer becomes the victim as well.
Louisa and Lily helplessly stood by.
Louisa was a widow and struggled to make ends meet.
Food was a scarcity but God always miraculously supplied their needs.
People would drop food off at the front or back door.
Homemade pies would be baked.
In her sadness and despair Louisa penned the words of a beautiful hymn.
I encouraged the ladies to persist in their relationship with God even when life hurts at times.
Beauty can be seen in pain.
So many others have penned glorious hymns because of the pain or suffering that they endured.
The hymn, "It is well with my soul" was written after the loss of his children.
We have been blessed with these precious words because of the pain of others.
We are blessed because of the pain that Jesus endured on the cross.
It seems odd to say, but if you remain strong in the faith in the midst of your trial, there is a strength that others who know you or know of you can be blessed by.
This is the front of the postcard. I made it using PicMonkey. After playing around I decided to make it look like a school paper with practice writing.
Feel free to use it. I print these out on postcard paper from Staples,
 which has four postcards per page.
Right click to "Save As" and then in that folder,
Double click on the picture and then click the Print button. Choose the print option for four pictures. Then change the number from 1 to 4. (You'll see the four pictures show up on the screen)
I always uncheck "Fit picture to frame" (It fits everything on when printing)
This is the back of the postcard. Put the picture side of the postcard up in the printer and the words will print on the back.These are the words of this precious hymn.
You can listen to this beautiful hymn below. I like how this girl sings it.
If you're facing some type of hardship, I encourage you to stay in the race and trust the Lord for everything. Let God use your situation to be a blessing in some way to others.
 Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
 In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.
Proverbs 3/:5-6

Friday, 8 August 2014

Vintage Silver Pitcher Centerpiece

I found this old silver pitcher at a thrift shop a few weeks ago. When I saw it, I thought it would look so pretty with daisies in it as a centerpiece on the kitchen table. 
Look at the base of the pitcher. Three claw feet! So unique! I love it!
I thought a doily would look nice to separate the two silvers and
to add a bit of white to the bottom of the centerpiece.
I think it turned out quite nice.
 I placed a silver-coloured candlestick with a white taper candle
 (purchased at a thrift shop as well)
on either side to create a lovely vintage centerpiece.
Have a wonderful day!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Here a Touch,There a Touch...of Daisies!

I'm a little nervous.
It's been awhile since my last post.
I feel like I'm starting for the first time again.
It's hard to get back into the groove when you've been out of it for awhile.
I've missed it.
But I put too much expectations on myself.
Especially when there are so many beautiful blogs out there.
I honestly just don't have the time.
But why do we always have to measure ourselves to others?
We make ourselves miserable.
I make myself miserable.
I've been wanting to post again for awhile. Took pictures. Visited Pic Monkey.
 Then I ran out of steam.
What catching post title should I use?
There are so many others with much more interesting stories to share than me.
 See there I go again :(
Ready for today's post?
Here goes!!
The other day, I bought a bouquet of daisies for $10 and a bouquet of Baby's Breath for $3 (50% off), with the intention of making many smaller bouquets.
I didn't take any pictures of my mess, but I'm sure you can picture it.
As I was separating the flowers I was thinking about when Jesus took the bread and fish and they just kept multiplying!. Wouldn't that be cool to do?! Maybe one day!
Back to the daisies...
These are some of the finished products all lined up for your viewing pleasure.
 (I had to take everything off anyways to dust it)
A little ironstone vignette I have near the kitchen sink.
The bottom half of my display shelf. (Working on the top shelf)
Ironstone, glass jars, and daisies!
I love this little milk jug I found at a thrift shop.
 And of course the old mason jars always make a good vase!
All the white looks so fresh and pretty!
 Flowers on old books.
I love Baby's Breath.  Sometimes I use it alone for decorating.
It adds a quiet floral touch.
I have these two sitting in my kitchen window.
I bought four mini jars at the dollar store for this reason,
 but once I got the flowers in only three would fit.
Another view. I'm still working on where home will be for this box.
A daisy is such a sweet simple flower. They grow everywhere. Not expensive to buy.
They make your soul smile.
I love things that make the soul glad.
One bunch of flowers that can spread sunshine all around the house.
Do you have a flower that makes your soul glad?
I want to give a very special "Thank you" to Patty for the encouragement to keep posting.
That meant more than you will ever know.
Looking back over this post I have discovered that these weren't even daisies, they're carnations!
What a great return post! Ha! Yes, I am blonde.
I've been staring at daisies in front of me while I was typing. I'll show you those another day.
Good thing I know how to laugh at myself.