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Sunday, 17 August 2014

God's love never ends!

Don't you just love this scripture!!
The author includes the adjective "steadfast".
The verse would have been wonderful without that word.
Not only is His love never ending, it never wavers at any time!
How unlike us a lot of the time.
Our love wavers and it doesn't always last for the long haul.
God help us to be more like you!

I had a birthday this past week.
My husband got me a bouquet of flowers.
I recently shared a post about how beautiful daisies looked in this vintage pot.
But truthfully, any flower would look beautiful in it!

I always think of my Creator when I see flowers.
So much variety and so beautiful!
Unfortunately they fade away and have to be thrown out...like my daisies.
But God's Word stands forever!

Do you need God's love today?
Do you need His mercy right now?
It's there for you, cause God's love and His mercy never end.
Have a wonderful Sunday!


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