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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Thrifty finds under ten dollars!

In my previous post, I shared some pictures of my afternoon out with my husband.
 We went to a few shops and I found a few small treasures and the total for everything came to $6.72.
One of the shops had everything 50% off.
I found a beautiful hand-stitched doily and a small, simple candle holder.
A small pretty ironstone dish.
A beautiful glass serving platter.
Love the hexagon shape and the small design along the outside of the plate.
It's been fun hunting for ironstone dishes!
The best part is the good deals!!
What do you like "hunting" for?

Monday, 19 August 2013

Vintage Birthday Gift

My birthday was last week, but because it was on a busy week day, my husband and I celebrated it on Saturday. We drove not far from home to check out a few shops and ended the day by having supper at a Tea Room.
We arrived a bit early (it opened at 5:00) so we went for a walk up the street.

We were in Kingsville, Ontario
This is the store that I almost missed.
Before I show you my gift, I have to show you the store! It was beautiful!
 The store owner paints a lot of the items in this store for that cottage/shabby look.
My gift was sitting on this table.
 The floor was stencilled in white. So pretty!
There's Doug paying for my gift.
 Treasure chest of old silver.
Before I go any further, you have to know that while I enjoy wearing jewellery, I do not care to wear the expensive stuff. That's not me. That's a good thing for my husband too!! I like silver, and I love the vintage look.
When I saw this, I said, "Doug, I just found my birthday gift from you!"
I know it's not brand new, but I just thought it was pretty and feminine and vintagy!
 The clerk even took $5.00 off for us!
 And to think that if we had arrived at the Tea Room 15 minutes later I would have missed this.
It made my day.
It made Doug's too!
My hubby and I after finishing our most delicious meal!
This was my meal. Pickerel and Frites. It was a work of art and very tasty too!
A carrot flower! How cute!
This was Doug's meal. Steak and Frites. Doug had no complaints about his meal either!
We had a really nice day together.
I am blessed with a good husband who is willing to go with me to stores
 he normally would not got to,
 and eat in a Tea Room where he is the only male in a room full of women.
 Thank you honey!
Blessings, Diane

Friday, 16 August 2013

Life:Beautiful magazine

I just discovered this magazine.
 I like to scour the magazine rack once in awhile and I have never seen this magazine before.
I'm not sure how I missed it, but I'm glad I found it.
 It's a wonderful Christian magazine that includes all topics, decorating, recipes, and everything else us women love to read about.
This was the spring issue. Another good thing is the price...$4.95. It's been around since 2007.  Maybe it recently came to Canada???
I apologize for the glare on these photos. I don't have a fancy camera.
There's an article by Joyce Meyer, Dave Ramsey and other encouraging life stories. I found this magazine at Chapter's and thought I would share this in case you're looking for a nice magazine to relax with.
Blessings, Diane

Sunday, 11 August 2013


I have to say that I am a Pinterest fan.
Not a die hard fan, but I do enjoy snooping around once in awhile, and getting ideas and pinning them. I definitely pin more ideas than I actually try.
If you're a follower of Pinterest then you most surely have seen all the burlap ideas that are out there.
The funny thing is,
I have several different colours of burlap that have been laying around for years and did little with it.
So I thought that I would get crafty one evening and this is what I came up with.
I have several old bottles and milk jars and a varying array of white/cream silk flowers picked up at thrift shops.
I decided to start with a small jar.
 As you can see,  the silk stems don't look as nice as natural stems in water.
 So this is where the burlap comes in!
 I purchased this role of burlap at Michaels to use to decorate on my Christmas tree,
 and cut a small piece off. I glued on a strip of lace to the edge of the burlap and then glued it on the jar using white glue. It dries clear.
Oh ya, work on a plastic table cloth or wax paper like I did.
I put a twine bow around it and glued a little heart button in the centre.
Voila! You have yourself a cute little vase!
Hope I've inspired you. It would make a nice and inexpensive gift for someone. (You could add real flowers for them!)
Blessings, Diane