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Sunday, 11 August 2013


I have to say that I am a Pinterest fan.
Not a die hard fan, but I do enjoy snooping around once in awhile, and getting ideas and pinning them. I definitely pin more ideas than I actually try.
If you're a follower of Pinterest then you most surely have seen all the burlap ideas that are out there.
The funny thing is,
I have several different colours of burlap that have been laying around for years and did little with it.
So I thought that I would get crafty one evening and this is what I came up with.
I have several old bottles and milk jars and a varying array of white/cream silk flowers picked up at thrift shops.
I decided to start with a small jar.
 As you can see,  the silk stems don't look as nice as natural stems in water.
 So this is where the burlap comes in!
 I purchased this role of burlap at Michaels to use to decorate on my Christmas tree,
 and cut a small piece off. I glued on a strip of lace to the edge of the burlap and then glued it on the jar using white glue. It dries clear.
Oh ya, work on a plastic table cloth or wax paper like I did.
I put a twine bow around it and glued a little heart button in the centre.
Voila! You have yourself a cute little vase!
Hope I've inspired you. It would make a nice and inexpensive gift for someone. (You could add real flowers for them!)
Blessings, Diane


  1. So sweet! Pinterest is my "happy place". A nice little escape for a minute or 2 when I need some inspiration :)

    1. Thank you! You're in another world on Pinterest!


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