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Friday, 23 November 2012

Vintage labels give a new look!

I've been looking for some jars for awhile now for my bathroom to put cotton pads, Q-tips, and Epsom salts in.  I wanted jars with lids that came off by just lifting the lid off. I finally found three jars at the local thrift store. I painted the lids white and then applied a coat of modge podge. 

I happened upon some free labels to download at http://www.smallhomelove.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/vanity-storage-labels.pdf  There are three blank labels that you can fill in whatever you like. I used stamps to fill in one of the labels. I like how it turned out. I may change the other two so they look the same. (Gotta start getting ready for Christmas first!)

This is the label that I stamped. The other two labels I used, had what I wanted.  I just cut with fine scissors around the label and just used white glue to stick to the jar.

They're cute labels! The best part is, if you change your mind the labels wash off easily with warm water and soap and a different label can be applied. Here is a picture of the three jars together.

A very inexpensive project that takes very little time and you get a whole new look! These would look nice in the kitchen as well. You just choose what the label will say.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Never Forget...November 11, 2012

Some things are good to forget and some things should never be forgotten. One of the things that should never be forgotten is the sacrifices made by those who fought for our freedoms. This is one thing that I learned from my father while growing up. He was in Holland as a teenager during WW2. They lived on a farm and so had more access to food. Thousands of Dutch died due to starvation the last winter before the end of the war. The Nazi's knew they were losing and did what they could to destroy people's lives. The Canadians libetated Holland on May 4, 1945 and that is one of their national holidays. Whenever Dad met a Canadian veteran he thanked them. I have done the same. There were many heroes during the war and many of them did not carry guns. There were many citizens who fought for the freedom of their neighbours and even sacrificed their lives. I just bought a book by Corrie Ten Boom whose family hid Jews in their home during the war. They were betrayed and sent to camps. Corrie's sister Betsy died in the Ravensbruk camp. Corrie struggled with forgiveness after the war. Then God called her to go to Germany. It was there while at a meeting that she recognized a guard at the camp that she was at.
"When I saw this man I remembered all the cruelties he had committed, and I felt bitterness in my heart. But then I felt a wave of love pass through me. That was love through the Holy Spirit.
This man told me: "At Christmas I found the Lord Jesus. I took all my sins to Him. Then I asked for the grace to ask one of my victims for forgiveness. That is the reason I come to you. Will you forgive me all those cruelties? I could take this man's hand. If we forgive our enemies, we experience the ocean of God's love as never before. (Taken from the book, Not I, But Christ by Corrie Ten Boom)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Revamped Footstool

I am always on the prowl while at a thrift shop for small pieces of furniture that I can add my personal touch to. I found a footstool and brought it home. My husband tore it apart for me and we were left with the bare bones.  It's a bit of work but it looks so nice when it's done. I repainted the legs and threw everything else out except the wood and the hardware. It took me awhile to decide which fabric to use because I wanted it to "fit" in with the look of the living room. I also wanted to use something that wouldn't look dirty very easily. I bought new padding from the fabric shop and a thin foam pad to go around the base of the footstool. I used a cute vintage fabric that I purchased from The Quilt Junction in Waterford ON (www.quiltjunction.ca). The top of the footstool was covered with fabric that I had purchased awhile ago and was hoping to make curtains or a roman blind with. It actually works pretty good.

Ugly fabric huh!

I used the Folk Art Acrylic linen colour paint on the legs, and applied two coatings of mod podge.

The base was covered with a thin padding and then fabric.

Attaching the legs with a screwdriver.

This picture is sideways but we just wrapped it as good as we could and stapled away!

This is the top of the footstool. Looks like the kitten is working her way to the top of the couch!

A close up of the fabric I used. They actually work well together!

Voila! The finished product! It's very comfortable and the perfect height to rest our weary feet!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Just Pondering

New Look...New Attitude

I have a tendency to start things and not finish them. I don't mean to, it just kinda happens for many reasons. This blog being one of them. I think I was always wanting to try to have a "perfect" post, or something that would really be of interest. So I talked myself out of posting at all. I would look at other blogs and think that I could never measure up. That's another tendency that I have. Hence...the new attitude. I am who God created me to be, and that is someone unique. I am not perfect, but I'm glad that God uses us in our imperfections and He gets the glory! So, I will blog on and enjoy myself doing it as I hope you will too.