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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Christmas Centrepiece

I quickly put this together.
Sometimes the best creations come about on a whim.
Most of all these items were thrifty finds.
The tray was a most recent find.
All I had to do was clean it up.
I wanted to put a candle in there but I wanted to jazz it up and add some colour.
I love the black, white, and red combination.
I found this candlestick holder, and I like the handle at the side.
It gives the old-fashioned look.
I put a white ironstone plate underneath to add some more texture and colour.
I wrapped a garland of red beads around and tossed some fake snow on top of everything.
The stars were also thrifty finds.
The only new purchases were the red ornaments and the greenery.
I love candles.
I love the light that shines from them.
Jesus is the Light of the world,
and He has called us to be lights as well.
I've been so busy lately due to some changes at work,
so I haven't had the energy to really get decorating for Christmas.
I'm not even putting up a tree this year as we are never home at Christmas anyway.
But I wanted to do a few things to decorate.
There are a couple of things that probably shouldn't be in this picture, but I didn't
have the energy or heart to move any of them.(Smile)
A simple Christmas centrepiece.
Blessings of the Season to you!
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Monday, 2 November 2015

Thrifty Coffee Table Makeover

I've been looking for a coffee table to makeover for quite awhile.
 It had to be the right size for our small living room,
as well as a bit on the taller side so that the tails of our cats
wouldn't dip in our food and drink as they passed by.
Occasionally, I will make a stop at Habitat for Humanity
which is not far from my house. 
At this visit, I saw this table as well as a dry sink.
I wanted both.
I also needed the van to haul them back home,
 as well as the OK from hubby
to bring them home.
As you can see, it came home with me.
We were able to get a deal by purchasing both.
I started painting before I took the original picture,
but you can see here what it looked like
prior to the paintbrush hitting it.
I believe this is actually a side table,
but it is big enough for our small cozy living room.
I really like the unique character of the legs of the table,
as well as the square design at each corner.
It took me awhile to decide how and what colour/s to paint it.
Since the furniture is white, I decided on a darker colour for the table
and then paint the corners an off white.
This is where I needed to tape.

I made my own chalk paint using Lowe's brand of
 Valspar paint + primer in the colour Noir.
I was looking for black and it's amazing how many different colours of black there are.
This colour is a very, very, dark grey, that looks "close" to black.
Two coats of  clear wax was applied to the legs and sides of the table.
The corners were painted with some paint leftover from another project.
I applied clear wax and then a touch of dark wax.
I applied three coats of polyurethane to the top of the table.
I used wax on the top for other projects before but the wax and paint wear off,
and I do not feel like re-waxing all of my projects every few months.
I like how it turned out.
It has a unique look to it, that you won't find in the store.
I quickly threw something together to put on the table.
I think a smaller rectangle doily or a place mat will look better.
I bought a vintage family Bible that I found at a thrift shop
and thought it would fit perfect in the heart of the living room.

 I topped it with some ironstone.
(I have the Bible closed now, but I do like the look of an open Bible.)
It blends well with the other splashes of black in the room.
There will be a few other changes in here soon.
I'm still working on my corner cabinet to go where the make-shift hutch is right now.
As well, we were blessed with free laminate so it will be good-bye to the carpet.
The pillows need some updating, so that will be a project when the snow starts falling.
A different view of the table.
It was a beautiful sunny day when I took these pictures.
This room is cozy day and night.
It definitely adds more character to our living space.
I may have to open a shop soon!
I see so many things to paint but I don't have enough space to keep it all!
Thank you so much for visiting.
Have an awesome day!
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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Talk on Tuesday-Corrie Ten Boom

Corrie ten Boom
who loved Jesus.
She is best known for her and her family's role
in hiding Jews in their home, as well as working with the Dutch resistance
in the Netherlands during World War 2.
They constructed a false wall in Corrie's bedroom
and the "hiding place" was entered
through a shelf in her closet.

Corrie's great grandfather owned a watch repair shop
and the business was handed down in the Ten Boom family.
His daughter Corrie worked with her father and was
the first Dutch woman to receive her watchmaker licence.
Not only was the family business handed down to the next generations,
but so was a love for God and the Jewish people.
They were a hospitable family, always helping those in need.
On February 28, 1944, their kindness was betrayed.
A man came into the shop stating they were hiding Jewish people
and that his wife got arrested and could he borrow some money to help
her get out of jail.
Later that day, the Nazi's came and raided their home.
They searched and searched but never found those hiding in the "Hiding Place".
The ten Boom family was taken to jail,
and then eventually to concentration camps.
This is an amazing true story of
courage, forgiveness, fortitude, love, and light,
in a place full of darkness and evil.

Corrie and her sister Betsy (who died while in the camp) were able
to lead many women to Jesus,
and how they were able to, is undeniably  miraculous.
Betsy said to her younger sister Corrie, (who was struggling to forgive)
"There is no pit so deep that God's love is not deeper still."
They had a wonderful relationship with Jesus
that spilled out to everyone they met.
A simple trusting in Jesus.
To read a bit more of Corrie ten Boom's story,
click here.
If you click on the above you can watch a trailer of the movie.

Source (used as the front of the postcard)
Corrie was released from the concentration camp
one week before all the women her age were to be executed.
She was 52 years of age.
Her release was due to a clerical error.
She spent the remainder of her years
sharing about the goodness of God around the world.
(This is the back of the postcard that I put together to give for this devotional.)
This is truly an inspiring story and so
perfect for today with so much
persecution of Christians around the world.
May you be encouraged today to know that,
God knows every situation that you are in,
and that He has a plan for you.
He has not forgotten about you,
but wants to use you for His glory.
Blessings to you,
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Friday, 23 October 2015

Burger Corn Casserole...Simple Meal Idea

Well hello there! It was a beautiful Fall day here today in Southern Ontario.
No need for a jacket today!
The colours are beautiful and bright.
The red leaves are getting redder and redder it seems.
It's also the season for casseroles.
I've been cooking meals the night before lately
because it's late by the time I get home from work,
and casseroles reheat well,
Today I wanted to share one of our many favourites.
It comes from the "Company's Coming" casserole recipe book.

 These are your needed ingredients,
along with an onion and hamburger,
and your choice of noodle.
The tri colour fusilli is one our favourites.
And shredded cheese!
I shredded some marble cheese.
Stir the cooked noodles into the fried hamburger and onion,
creamed corn, tomato soup, and spaghetti sauce.
This oval casserole dish was a wedding gift and it gets a lot of use.
Bake at 350 for 45-60 minutes.
Serve with a salad and a dinner roll
for a homey and satisfying meal.
A simple meal idea.
You can print it here.
Bon Appetit!
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Friday, 16 October 2015

Thrifty Picture Find #2

I came across this picture in the summer.
I saw the black frame first.
Black always makes me take a second look.
When I pulled it up, I just thought, "Ahhhh".
A young lady,
 sitting at the spinning wheel,
in black cross-stitch.
Finding a place for all my wonderful picture finds
is always a challenge.
But pictures don't always have to be hung on the wall.
They can easily be tucked in with a vignette.

 I have the picture sitting on an old singer sewing machine table,
leaning against a small vintage ironing board.
I added a few Fall touches.
A small white ceramic pumpkin that I purchased at our local grocery store.
A handmade primitive pear that came in a set of three,
can easily be tucked in.
 I made up this Fall candle with the glass jar purchased at the dollar store.
The mason jar was attached to the bottom piece and had a lid on it.
It's much easier than gluing the two pieces together!
 I added some mini pumpkin pods and set a glass votive inside.
I love the look of a candle and I have them throughout my home.
I think she looks pretty sitting there.
For now.
Soon, the Christmas décor will be coming out,
and she may go into hiding for a little while.

But for now, she is sitting pretty with the other antique and thrifty finds.
We just had our Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend.
It was a beautiful sunny and warm weekend.
But the weather has been changing.
More Fall like.
Cool outside and cozy inside.
Sending warm and cozy blessings to you,
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