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Friday, 19 June 2015

Summer Berry Custard Squares

I found this recipe in the House and Home (Canadian) magazine.
A co-worker had given me a stack of them to read.
Well, I don't know about you, but I don't read magazines...I browse through them.
And this recipe caught my browsing eye.
It's strawberry season here in Ontario, so I made this recipe for the women's home where I volunteer.
They are easy to make and quite delicious.
Even my husband liked them and he is not too keen on sweets.
You'll need 1 1/2 cups diced strawberries
1 cup raspberries
To get the full recipe and print it, click HERE.
 The recipe calls for a 9" square baking pan, which could yield 16 squares.
I needed a bit more than 16 squares, so I used a 9 x 13" glass baking dish.
I also made these changes.
I used the same amount of crust as it does make a lot.
I used a full quart of strawberries
and two pints of raspberries.
(I almost threw in some frozen blueberries)
I doubled the amounts for the filling.
It worked great.
There is no "custard" pudding in this recipe, but the filling is just like a custard.
Two-thirds of the crust mixture goes on the bottom, with the remainder sprinkled on top.
The bottom crust is baked at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.
I always bake a few minutes less that the recommended time.
(Better safe than sorry!) 
I found the top of the crust didn't get browned much, so I put the broiler on high just
for a few minutes. (I didn't want to burn the rest of the recipe.) 
The recipe comes from a bakery in Toronto, called, The Sweet Escape Patisserie.
They keep in an airtight container up to five days refrigerated.
The perfect summer treat to share with friends.
They will ask for the recipe.

When a reader of the House and Home magazine asked for the recipe,
the chef was willing to share her secret.
I'm glad she shared her recipe.
It is not difficult to make,
And they are delicious!!
Blessings to you!
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Sunday, 14 June 2015

The People's Preacher

It's been a little bit since I shared one of my devotionals  that I share with the ladies at WLC.
It always amazes me how God ends up showing me what to talk about.
I started to hear his name here and there.
Friends would post a saying on Facebook.
I would see his name on a blog.
That's usually my cue to pay attention and look into it.
So I casually started to research his life.
He was known as the People's Preacher.
I watched a movie on You Tube about his life.
I was a little disappointed that there wasn't more to his life than preaching.
I was looking for that "Wow" factor that would make the devotional exciting.
So I thought I would look into talking about something else,
I kept hearing and seeing his name again!
OK God, I will talk about Charles Spurgeon.
I watched and listened to the movie for the third time.
He was born in 1834 in England.
Spurgeon developed a love for books and his favourite was Pilgrim's Progress.
Spurgeon's father and grandfather were both ministers of the Congregational Church.
But young Spurgeon struggled with knowing God.
All he ever felt was God's burning eyes piercing his soul.
He always felt tormented and burdened.
One cold wintry Sunday, Spurgeon got caught in a storm and walked into the first church he came to.
The preacher was speaking from Isaiah 45:22
Look to Me, and be saved,
All you ends of the earth!
For I am God, and there is no other.
Then the preacher spoke directly to Spurgeon and said,
"You, young man. you look miserable, but if you but would look to God and obey this text,
you will find what you are seeking. He has carried away your sin. Look and live."
Spurgeon felt that God was speaking to him and immediately all despair and torment left.
Spurgeon studied his Bible and realized his need to be baptized.
He states that his timidity was washed down the river that day.
God loosed his tongue and he was never quiet after that.
Spurgeon moved to the city and began to teach Sunday School
 at the St. Andrew's Street Baptist Church.
Soon, adults began to attend his teachings.
He became popular and was sort of tricked into preaching his first sermon.
He delivered his first sermon at a farmer's cottage with shaking knees and a pounding heart.
He shared from 1 Peter 2:7
"...Therefore, to you who believe, He is precious;"
Spurgeon made an impact on his audience that day and they asked him to be their pastor.
He was not even 17 years old.
This is where I understood why there was something special about Charles Spurgeon.
Spurgeon shared from his heart.
He understood the forgiveness and love of Christ.
That's what drew others to hear him speak.
To Spurgeon, Christ was precious.
He knew what it felt like to be free from the weight of sin.
and he desired that for others as well.
After some time, he was invited to the city of London.
He believed this was the call from God but struggled with the things he saw there.
There were so many disheveled orphans.
He was from the country and was made fun of  because of that.
But Spurgeon continued with what he felt God wanted him to do.
The more Spurgeon preached the higher attendance became.
People came by the thousands to hear him speak.
It was estimated that over his lifetime, Spurgeon preached to over 10,000,000 people.
He wrote many books, hymns and poems.
Spurgeon also struggled with his health.
His wife Susannah was his best support system.
They had two twin sons.
Spurgeon would start a home for orphans as well as a seminary.
Spurgeon died in 1892 at the age of 62.
I appreciate Spurgeon's heart.
He loved Jesus.
Simple as that.
And that's really what people need to hear and know.
He was definitely the "People's Preacher".
This is the front of the postcard that I designed.
The pictures are public domain.
I summarized Spurgeon's life (above) for the back of the postcard.
If you are interested in reading Spurgeon's devotional you can find it here.
They can be delivered daily to your inbox as well.
This was a short synopsis of Charles Spurgeon.
I really do get so much out of these devotionals.
The link for the movie can be found here.
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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Laundry Day!

Saturdays are usually laundry days around here.
The use of water is cheaper on the weekends.
It was the perfect day!
Gorgeous sunshine and a summery breeze.
My husband had just cut the grass.
Cut grass is one of the summer smells I enjoy.
I remember watching Mom hanging up the clothes.
Everything had to hung in groups.
I still remember seeing all the cloth diapers on the line when my youngest brother was a baby.
(He's almost 48!)
They were all hung in a row.
Nothing different hung in between.
When I was old enough to start hanging up the laundry,
I hung up whatever I saw next in the basket.
That was a huge NO NO!
All the socks had to be hung together, all the t-shirts, all the pants,
You get the idea.
A few years ago, the girls in my family went on a road trip to Strasburg PA.
Amish country.
We had a lovely time. Lots of shopping and good eating.
We saw the story of Joseph at the Sight and Sound Theatre.
I highly recommend you go if you get the chance.
We left on a Monday, and that is laundry day for the Amish.
The picture above is the best shot I could get as we were driving in the car.
But you can see all the towels are together.
They hung their laundry the same way my mother did.
Another one of my favourite summer smells,
 is the summery breezy smell as I crawl into my sheets at night.
I take a few deep inhales and enjoy the aroma.
That fragrance lasts for almost a week.
Do you get to enjoy that fragrance of fresh laundry hung outside?
Wishing you lots of summer goodness.
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