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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Laundry Day!

Saturdays are usually laundry days around here.
The use of water is cheaper on the weekends.
It was the perfect day!
Gorgeous sunshine and a summery breeze.
My husband had just cut the grass.
Cut grass is one of the summer smells I enjoy.
I remember watching Mom hanging up the clothes.
Everything had to hung in groups.
I still remember seeing all the cloth diapers on the line when my youngest brother was a baby.
(He's almost 48!)
They were all hung in a row.
Nothing different hung in between.
When I was old enough to start hanging up the laundry,
I hung up whatever I saw next in the basket.
That was a huge NO NO!
All the socks had to be hung together, all the t-shirts, all the pants,
You get the idea.
A few years ago, the girls in my family went on a road trip to Strasburg PA.
Amish country.
We had a lovely time. Lots of shopping and good eating.
We saw the story of Joseph at the Sight and Sound Theatre.
I highly recommend you go if you get the chance.
We left on a Monday, and that is laundry day for the Amish.
The picture above is the best shot I could get as we were driving in the car.
But you can see all the towels are together.
They hung their laundry the same way my mother did.
Another one of my favourite summer smells,
 is the summery breezy smell as I crawl into my sheets at night.
I take a few deep inhales and enjoy the aroma.
That fragrance lasts for almost a week.
Do you get to enjoy that fragrance of fresh laundry hung outside?
Wishing you lots of summer goodness.
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  1. Oh, I too love the sight of laundry hung on the line to dry; each item swaying gently in the summer breeze... And the smell of fresh, clean bedding is truly delicious, and is a beautiful reward for all the effort one puts into ensuring there are clean clothes and sheets in the cupboards...
    Here in South Africa, winter has arrived in all its chilly glory, and we couldn't hang washing out all week because of all the rain we've had... As we don't have a dryer, you can imagine our immense pleasure standing at the washing line and hanging out the damp, clean items we were unable to wash all week!
    Wishing you a very blessed and peaceful SONday, dearest Diane! Always a delight to visit...:)

    1. "Truly delicious" is right! You know what I mean (smile). Well we have to have a dryer here because of our very cold and snowy winters. Thanks for saying Hi Kelly-Anne! Love it when you stop by!

  2. Yes! I love to hang my clothes on the line. It is a memory I had with my grandma as a child and we always hung our stuff on the line. I love the smell of the clothes blowing on the line, too! Of course, I am with you, all my clothes get hung up by what I pull out of the basket. But come to mention it, my grandma hung them up in batches just like the Amish and your mom. Funny how we can remember those little things. Love it!

    I hope you are having a wonderful summer! Blessings, Amy

    1. I think back in the day, when everyone hung their laundry on the line, it was like a show piece to the neighbours, so maybe that's why everything had to "look" good by hanging it perfectly. Some do it by colour too! Thanks for stopping by Amy!

  3. Lovely! I love line drying our laundry too and actually sold my dryer two years ago :) Have a lovely summer Diane!

  4. Hi Diane ~ I love sheets that are line dried. The smell is so heavenly. It just wraps its arms around you and you fall asleep.

    I dried laundry outside on Saturday as well! Just love it ~

  5. I love seeing laundry hanging out in the sun. It looks like home to me (although I'm the only one in my family that hang drys their laundry...) I prefer to hang dry year round inside in the winter and outside in the summer.
    Thanks for sharing, now I'm off to go do a load of laundry ;)

  6. We never replaced our dryer when it died. I love using my clothesline and the fresh smell of the clothes and sheets. I have a very specific way of hanging up laundry too and am trying to teach my daughters my way. :)

  7. Mmmm... there is something sweet and wonderful about hanging laundry up on the line. I always love the fresh scent and soft touch of laundry that's been on the line....in fact, it makes the folding process more enjoyable *smiles*

    Thank you so much for joining Roses of Inspiration this week - it's a delight to have you at the party! Enjoy your week, my dear. Hugs!

  8. The smell of cut grass is one of my favorite smells as well. So much so that I often mow the lawn. I figure it's a little exercise and I get a high smelling that grass being cut. lol! I don't have a clothesline, but would love to add one up on our hill when we build the potting shed. Who knew that there was a rule to how you hung the laundry? ha, ha!

    1. You know, I have a clothesline because a few years ago my dryer broke and I didn't feel like lugging it all to the laundry mat. So I got my husband to go buy some clothes line and clothes pins so I could hang it up and we never took it down. It's great for airing out some of the bigger things that don't fit well in the dryer. Great to air out duvets too! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Ah yes...those were the days! I remember Mondays were wash days in my house. Days before the electric dryer was in our home, we hung everything outside...and hung them inside when it was raining. Nothing like the wonderful smell of fresh, cool sheets on a warm summer night to put put you right to sleep! Sweet post...visiting from Roses of Inspiration :)

  10. What a beautiful post.
    I remember my mother hanging clothes on the line.
    She used wire stretchers inside my father's jeans to dry them.
    Great memories,

  11. Hanging laundry on the line in an orderly fashion...imagine that- Actually a few years back during our Texas years at the farmhouse I chose to use the clothesline about 90% of the time..I should find a picture of the clothes line scene and pass along to you..When I had a group of ladies visiting the far one day they asked;"Are the clothes on the line for show or do you actually use the clothesline..?" I replied: BOTH.

    1. My mother is Dutch, so everything was for show back then and may still be. When I visited many years ago, every window in every home I saw sparkled. They take great pride in how their possessions look to others. Thanks for your lovely comment!

  12. OOPS...Forgot to mention I always hung like things together..could not bear to see them all hung randomly.

  13. I have not experienced that smell in a long time! I don't have a clothesline anymore and am really wanting one. There is just no room in my small yard to put it. I will just have to dream about fresh aired sheets!

    1. Maybe you could at least let a pillowcase blow in the breeze. Then you could still enjoy that fresh summer smell! Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Oh my, how wonderful to have that fresh summer smell on your sheets! It's like the smell of cut grass, the smell of home~
    Sweet, post.

  15. Oh my, how wonderful to have that fresh summer smell on your sheets! It's like the smell of cut grass, the smell of home~
    Sweet, post.

  16. I can so relate! I also hang my laundry out on Saturdays in an organized fashioned and love the smell of the fresh sheets when I crawl into bed at night! :)

  17. Diane, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post and it has been a lllooonnnggg time since I hung laundry as a girl with my grandparents and my mom. There is absolutely nothing in this world better than the smell of freshly done laundry dried in the fresh breeze. Thank you for linking up at Wonderful Wed. Blog Hop. Carrie, A Mother's Shadow.


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