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Friday, 23 November 2012

Vintage labels give a new look!

I've been looking for some jars for awhile now for my bathroom to put cotton pads, Q-tips, and Epsom salts in.  I wanted jars with lids that came off by just lifting the lid off. I finally found three jars at the local thrift store. I painted the lids white and then applied a coat of modge podge. 

I happened upon some free labels to download at http://www.smallhomelove.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/vanity-storage-labels.pdf  There are three blank labels that you can fill in whatever you like. I used stamps to fill in one of the labels. I like how it turned out. I may change the other two so they look the same. (Gotta start getting ready for Christmas first!)

This is the label that I stamped. The other two labels I used, had what I wanted.  I just cut with fine scissors around the label and just used white glue to stick to the jar.

They're cute labels! The best part is, if you change your mind the labels wash off easily with warm water and soap and a different label can be applied. Here is a picture of the three jars together.

A very inexpensive project that takes very little time and you get a whole new look! These would look nice in the kitchen as well. You just choose what the label will say.

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