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Monday, 2 December 2013

25 Days of Christmas-Cozy Christmas Reading

Welcome to Day 2 of 25 Days of Christmas!
One of the nice things about the Christmas holidays is curling up and relaxing with some inspirational reading.
Recently, I was at a vintage shop (pictures to come later) and someone had donated books and magazines with the proceeds to go to purchasing equipment for our local hospital.
All the books were $1.00 and magazines were 50 cents.
Chicken Soup for the Soul is perfect when you just have a few minutes to unwind and read a heartwarming story. (Sorry for the glare)
A book by Thomas Kinkade. I'm looking forward to getting into this one.
I always like to make my reading time relaxing and that includes having a scented candle burning, a nice cup of java, and some quiet Christmas music.
A nice book to keep on your coffee table for quick readings.
I love looking through the older Country magazines. Lots of great decorating and delicious recipes!
Can't have too many cookie recipes! Need a cookie while you're reading your book!
This book I purchased at a Christian bookstore. It has poetry and small articles and lots of vintage pictures.
Touch the World
(Louisa Godissart McQuillen)
It's Christmas
Winter's calling, snow is falling,
all the land lies robed in white.
It's Christmas,
Enter, Jesus, warm my spirit,
touch the world through me tonight!
But the greatest book of all is the Bible, the Word of God that gives us life and gives us hope. And hope was given to us in the form of a newborn baby. Jesus, the greatest gift all all!!
Blessings, Diane

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  1. Diane, you are absolutely right. I read Mathew every Christmas eve and prior, just to remind myself again and again how wonderful our Lord and Saviour is and to really get in the Christmas spirit. It is HIS birthday and we celebrate it with joy and thankfulness ~


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