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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

25 Days of Christmas Day 24

Embracing the Unexpected

This is my family in October 2010 when my parents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary.
Me, Mom, my husband Doug, Dad, Bruce (brother), Renita (sister) and  Paul (brother-in-law), Kristine (sister-in-law) and  Harry (brother).
We live three hours away from family and every year we travel on Christmas Eve day to spend a few days on our old "home turf" and visit with various family members.
This past weekend there was an ice storm that caused power to be disrupted to many homes in Southern Ontario. We got rain, they got freezing rain, and people north of them got lots of snow.
My parents still have no power so we are waiting.

I didn't buy anything in the way of groceries because we wouldn't be here, so we stopped and bought some steak and had a lovely steak dinner.
After dinner, hubby and I went and saw The Hobbit.
In the grand scheme of things, this little bump is just that...a little bump.
It's just another day, really.
December 25 was a day picked by someone to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
I'm just happy to spend any day with my family. My parents are still here and I am very grateful.
If we don't get together tomorrow, then hopefully the next day.
It's all OK and God knows all.
There was a lot of "unexpected" occurrences surrounding the birth of Jesus.
A young virgin is called to be his mother, to be conceived by the Holy Spirit.
Her cousin Elizabeth who is much older and had never had children was pregnant.
Elizabeth's husband John had a visitation of an angel but because he didn't believe what he was told he became mute.
The place of  Christ's birth was not where a King should be born.
A star unlike any other shone so bright that night.
A heavenly host of angels appeared to shepherds with a message.
Those are a few. I'm sure we could list many more.
How do you handle the "unexpected"?
Do you embrace the "unexpected"?
Because if you are able to embrace the unexpected, expect God show up.
Blessings, Diane


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