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Monday, 16 March 2015

The Touch of a Flower

On Friday I bought two bouquets of flowers at the market.
The plan was to separate them to design many smaller floral creations.
I bought a large bouquet of light-purple daisies,
and a bouquet of pink tulips.
I got right to work when I got home.
I didn't take any pictures of the flowers cause I was so busy thinking of how to separate them.
I shared a similar post to this a little bit ago. You can read what I did with all the little bouquets here.
This was the first thing I wanted to do.
I've seen pictures of a grouping of vintage glass jars, each with a single flower, and I loved the look.
Glass on a silver tray.
The beauty of a flower.
A gift from God.
I don't always get to this particular market, but they have excellent produce,
and beautiful flowers.
I put a single stem on either side of my recent ironstone platter find.
Both of the vases are thrift store finds.
The top of my buffet
Full view and playing around with effects.
I tucked some little arrangements on my self-made hutch.
It looks so pretty with the ironstone.
This old picture frame is an antique find. I kept the picture in it.
The container I used here was purchased as a candle.
It was so cute I decided to use it as a mini vase.
I'll share my tulip vignettes later.
Can you imagine a world without flowers?
Makes me sad just thinking about it.
As beautiful as flowers are, they do not last.
Very soon we'll see them push their way up from the ground.
We'll be planting them in our gardens.
We'll be able to enjoy them for a season or two.
Flowers definitely leave a touch from God.
They are so lovely.
So was the sunshine today and the disappearing snow!
Spread some loveliness around your home in the places you will see them the most.
I put one in the bathroom but I forgot to take a picture.


  1. Oh Diane, your flower scenes are just lovely! Thank you for sharing this floral inspiration on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! Such a pleasant read this morning...

  2. I seriously enjoyed seeing how you placed your lovely flowers! I am so happy to of found your blog today at The Art Of Homemaking Party! Now following!

  3. Diane,
    Thank you for sharing at Home-Making Mondays. I love how you used your flowers to go further around your home.

  4. Your blooms are so pretty....I love them grouped together!

  5. Beautiful flowers! I really liked how you put one single flower in each jar and then combined them next to each other. Very nice. Flowers make me happy, so yes I would be sad if this world didn't have any. They bring such joy into this dark world. Thanks for sharing.

    You have a lovely blog.


  6. So very pretty! So fun to tuck fresh flowers in here and there :)


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