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Monday, 22 September 2014

Tissue Box Makeover

I finally got on the chalk paint bandwagon.
I made my own.
Got the recipe on You Tube here.
I had a stockpile of thrifty finds that were patiently waiting for their makeover.
I spent an entire day painting.
These will each have their own makeover story eventually. (Smile)
I wanted to start small when using the clear and dark wax.
I figured the tissue box was small enough.
This is a heavy oak box purchased at a thrift shop.
Painted in China White purchased at Lowes.
I applied a coat of clear wax purchased at Lowes and then applied Annie Sloan's dark wax purchased at a local shop, The Dandelion, that just started stocking Annie Sloan products.
I should have gone a bit lighter but this was my first time.
I was thinking of how I could add some pizzazz to this tissue box
 and I thought of the words "Bless You" after someone sneezes.
I used the tutorial here at Confessions of a serial diyer
on how to transfer letters so I thought I'd give it a whirl (on something small!)

I went to PicMonkey and clicked on "Design" and then clicked on "8x10".
I clicked on Text and chose a font that would be easy to trace and colour in.
I used the font called Emily's Candy.
In picture one I used sidewalk chalk that the kids play with and coloured the back of the words.
In picture two I trimmed the paper and taped it to have it centred on the side of the box.
In picture three I used a sharp pencil to trace the letters.
In picture four you can see how the tracing came out.
In picture five I used a fine tip sharpie to trace the outside
 and then in both picture 5 and 6 I used a medium and larger tip to colour in the letters.
I may not have traced completely perfect but the end result looked pretty good!
Not bad for my first time.
I had no problems tracing over the wax.
Blends in quite nice.
Well that's one "small" project done.
More to follow.
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  1. Glad you got your stash painted. I have several pieces in need of paint. I did not make my own paint but bought it instead. Aaand I still have not painted my stuff yet. You inspire me to get a move on.

  2. I think you did a fabulous job on your first chalk paint adventure...and to have made your own! I haven't gotten on the "band wagon" yet, but am so tempted. Thanks for the inspiration:)
    Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse


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