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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Daytripping in Sparta

One of my favourite things to do is "daytripping".
There are always little places tucked away within a reasonable driving distance that we can plan a day trip around. And there is surely always a Tea Room around to rev up our engines to keep shopping!
 I had a day like that a few days ago.
 I had a day off work on Wednesday and I asked my sister if she would like to meet up in a small town called Sparta near London Ontario.
 I have been there before and love the peaceful tranquility of the whole area.
We met up at a place called  Winter Wheat.
The Store
One of the props inside the store.
My sister Renita
Renita and Tammy in front of a small cabin. Would love one of these in my back yard!
Renita and I
The song, "The Wind Beneath My Wings", was playing.
Love this for a front porch!
There were lots of beautiful gardens,
with beautiful flowers...
some quirky
and fun-loving characters
old wood doors,
and the keeper of the gardens!
There were old windows for sale in this cute sunroom.
A man can't have too many tools!
After our stop here, we drove up the road into the town of Sparta, and did some more shopping.
After all that shopping we were well ready for lunch
at the Green Frog Tearoom. These pictures were taken two years ago when my husband and I were here. I took pictures when I was just here but my batteries must have died.
The food was good now and two years ago. This is my wonderful husband Doug who is always willing to go with me on some of my day trips as long as he gets a good meal out of the deal!
There are tables outside and an area where you can go for a walk. So peaceful and tranquil here as well.

If you live near the area or will be visiting, this is a beautiful place to visit. You won't be sorry!
Thanks for sharing my daytrip.
Blessings, Diane


  1. I love all your photos and have some of the same pics...we also went to the Green Frog Tea Room.
    Looks like you all had a wonderful time!
    Have you ever visited Creemore? We were there last week....there are some really cute shops and gorgeous views if you are looking for a Fall drive.
    I know....so much driving!
    Glad you are enjoying this season!

  2. Diane ~ I am so glad you stopped by! We go to Sparta every summer. Love it there. We go to the campground and stay for a couple of days. Love, love love, the Sparta candle company ~ If you want another fall day trip go to Holiday Beach when the leaves are turning, then go down the road to the Meadows Tavern - Yummy Food !

    1. I will keep that in mind. Thanks! My husband is willing to go for the drive as long as he gets a good meal out of the deal.
      Blessings, Diane

  3. What a perfect day you had with your sister. I have never been to Sparta but would love to go one of these days, I understand they carry the best scented candles around! Following you my friend - we Diane have to stick together!! :) Diane

    1. Thanks for popping by! You would love Sparta! So tranquil, and of course shopping! Thanks for following!
      Blessings, Diane


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