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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

"I Will Fear No Evil"

 September 11, 2001
I will always remember this day.
 I just saw my five year old boy off to school.
I was getting myself ready for the day and had Good Morning America on in the other room.
 When I returned to look at the television, the picture I saw was unbelievable.
 A large fireball billowing from one of the twin towers.
At that time they weren't sure what was happening.
Then a second plane hit the second tower. Now it was a lot suspicious.
 But when the first tower started coming down I couldn't contain myself.
 I was crying and shrieking and all I could say was "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus".
My heart was broken for all those people who were losing their lives at that moment.
 I couldn't tear myself away from the television for a long time.
I remember a time when one of the news shows had a lot of women who were pregnant and had lost their husbands on that day.
They are almost 12 years old now.
I wonder how they are.

Evil seemed to reign that day, but so many stories came to the surface later on of how people were protected or how God moved in miraculous ways.
I am so comforted to know that the Lord is my Shepherd.
Whatever we may face in life, He is with us, always.

Blessings, Diane

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