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Monday, 25 May 2015

Lilacs in the Bathroom

Finally our lilacs are out here in Southern Ontario.
I've been seeing them on many blogs and was eagerly awaiting their arrival.
We have a large lilac bush in the front yard.
It smells heavenly.
Unfortunately, they don't last long.
So, I got the clippers out and started clipping.
I wanted to fully appreciate this flower while I could.
We recently had Marshall's come to town and this was one of my purchases.
I love the crackly look and that it looked like a coffee cup.
And the price.
$5.99 Cdn.
I had a fake green plant in here but I thought it would look pretty with lilacs in.
The opening of the pot is large so I put water in a smaller container,
which would also give the bouquet a more controlled look.
I decided to put it in the main floor bathroom.
It's a small two piece bathroom so it gets tricky when trying to decorate.
I've had a variety of tables and cabinets here, but when I
saw this corner table at an antique mall I grabbed it.
A perfect fit.
A natural air freshener!
Lilacs in the Bathroom.
I made a few more bouquets.
But, I'll show you those later.
I woke up with this scripture in my head yesterday so I thought I would share it with you.
A good way to start your week.
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  1. Dear Diane! Your lilacs are simply heavenly and I love the coffee cup you arranged them... Just right for your bathroom and oh yes! I am sure it smells delicious too!
    Have a blessed day and much love!

  2. I love lilacs. When we lived in California, my husband planted 6 bushes and we totally enjoyed them. They are still growing and I was able to 'visit' them last summer. We can't grown them here in AZ, just too hot! I sure appreciate looking at your photos! Blessings, Cindy

  3. Gorgeous Diane! Lilacs are so beautiful and smell heavenly. Mine are all through except for my French lilac just started blooming. The blooms are large and very unusual. Last year it only had 3 or 4 blooms on it. The bush is only a few years old. This year is has lots more. I must bring some inside! Thanks for sharing yours with SYC. Perfect little bathroom vignette!


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