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Sunday, 4 January 2015

A Victorian Happy New Year

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
I love Victorian Vintage cards.
Especially with children in them.
I love how they are dressed.
I love the look of innocence.
To read about the history of these cards go here.
I found a bag full of Victorian Christmas tags at a thrift shop a few years ago.
(Yes, I still have my tree up!)
I think it just adds to the wonder of Christmas through a child's eye.
I have some cards that were given over the years that I keep just to put out.
I've had this small tin for awhile.
I only use it for decoration at Christmas.
This tin was purchased at IKEA.
It had cookies in it, and the only reason I bought it was because I loved the picture!
This tin I do use.
And I always make sure I get it back!
To see the recipe for these Snow-Covered Almond Crescents go here.
This was in the frame section of a thrift shop.
I loved the frame and the picture.
I love the white outfit she is wearing.
I love her curls.
She adds a sweet touch.
Another purchase at an antique market.
Couldn't help myself.
The picture and the title.
"Happy Thoughts"
A page in the book.
This is the backside of the book.
It was written in 1894.
This is one the many things that makes my heart smile when I see it,
so I thought I'd share it.
I pray that this year finds you enjoying the things and people you love.
May you have many "Happy Thoughts".

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  1. How I love the innocent Victorian images as well! Your collection is lovely! Thank you for sharing them and the warmth of your cozy home with us. I hope your new year is off to a wonderful start :)


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