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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Thoughts of Heaven

Today while driving to work I was listening to a CD by Mercy Me.
When the song, "I Can Only Imagine", came on
I turned up the volume and put it on repeat so I could hear it over and over.
Over the years I have often pondered what that day would be like.
The words to this song expresses what my thoughts have been.
The day that I see Jesus face to face and walk by His side.
How would I respond?
Probably like I do here when I think about it.
Tears rolling down my face, unable to speak.
I have a son from a miscarriage that I am so looking forward to seeing.
I have read and heard many people share their story of visiting heaven.
I can never read or hear enough about it.
There is a  movie coming out shortly about a little boy who went to heaven.
I'm sure many of you have already read the book, "Heaven Is For Real".
I heard his story and cried, especially when he tells his mother about his other sister.
Here is the trailer to the movie.
 There is a mansion waiting for us designed to our liking!
That's how much God cares about what your tastes are!!
How cool is that?!!
There are places to go and many people to meet.
I don't think that I have a specific person from the Bible that I would like to talk to, because I would like to meet them all.
Each person had a unique purpose.
Just like us!
While I look forward to that day, I am quite willing to wait a little longer.
A glimpse sure would be nice though!
So for now I will purpose in my heart to view my life here and the people I meet in the light of eternity.
What a wonderful day that will be!
Do you ever think about heaven?
I hope I get to see you there!

Blessings, Diane

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