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Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Thrill of the Hunt

Every once in a while I like to pop in at a local thrift store for the "thrill of the hunt". I never know what I'm hunting for until I find it! There are friends of mine who will be happy about these expeditions, and there are friends of mine who have never stepped foot in a thrift shop. So for my fellow thrift shopper friends, I came home with a few things the other day. I found a cute black corduroy jumper, white

t-shirt, and a black short-sleeved cardigan (can't wear long sleeve sweaters at this stage of womanhood!). I also found a flat brown tray that I am going to paint (not sure what colour yet), (found some paint too) and put votive candles or tea lights on it with prim fixins. I enjoy looking through the craft/hobby section in the hopes of finding patterns or decorating books. I found a cross-stitch book with some samplers that have a lot of the old motifs in them. The idea is to create my own samplers in a smaller version. The best part is it all cost $25.00!

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